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Friday July 24, 2009

Once again, I was fortunate enough to have Candlewick Press invite me to the American Library Association Annual Conference in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. I’m still thinking about it. Here are a few random thoughts-

It was absolutely great to see Kate DiCamillo again. She’s a hoot. I love her. I actually heard her laugh before I saw her in person when I arrived at the show. We had a couple of book signings together for the last (sob!) Mercy Watson. One librarian asked us if we were married- to each other! This of course sent Kate into hysterics and we had fun with it for the rest of the signing. Soon we were telling people it was our 20th anniversary…etc. I’m having a hard time accepting the fact that I may not have another signing with Kate. It has been a wild and wonky ride!

I also had a chance to meet and hang out with Matt Phelan and Tony Fucile, two fellow Candlewick author/illustrators. It was so fun and we got along so well it was as if we were old college roommates who I hadn’t seen each other for awhile. Check out their books. They’re fantastic!

The last thing I want to mention was the highlight of the ALA Conference- The Newbery Caldecott Wilder Awards Banquet. It was magical. To see so many people so excited and so supportive of children’s literature was amazing. The speeches were beautiful and I had the chance to meet the winners in person. And to be there to see my dear friend and neighbor Melissa Sweet accept her Caldecott Honor brought it all home for me. It was a great night and a wonderful wrap-up to ALA.

Thank you Candlewick for everything!