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Golden Sower Award

Wednesday March 25, 2009

I was recently honored to discover that If I Built a Car was nominated for a Golden Sower Award. Now I have to admit I wasn’t familiar with this award until I did some research and found out that the Golden Sower Award is Nebraska’s children’s choice literary award. It’s called the Golden Sower because a statue of a figure sowing seeds stands on top of the Capitol building in Lincoln, Nebraska. It’s known as the Sower.

golden-sower02I love this type of award because it’s the children themselves who choose the winner and I have to congratulate them for picking such an outstanding list of nominated books. I feel very lucky to be included in this group! Not only that, but the kids also composed a great page for If I Built a Car (you can check it out at I want to thank Hope, Maddie and Kody for their excellent summaries and Angel, Ariana, Cara, and Logan for their beautiful pictures. I truly appreciate all of your hard work. And thank you very much for thinking of me.

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