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I’m a Cache!

Monday August 16, 2010

Recently, I gave a talk at the Bridgton Public Library in Bridgton, Maine. Afterwards, I had a book signing for the people who attended. Now, I’ve signed books for kids, college students, parents, unborn babies, first ladies, fellow authors and just about anyone else you can think of, but I NEVER signed a book like the one I signed that afternoon.

A nice woman named Alison approached the table and asked me if I’d sign a book for her cache. I must have had a puzzled look on my face because she went on to explain that she was in the process of developing a cache in my honor. She was hoping to produce a series of these for children’s book authors and illustrators.

In case you have no idea of what a cache is, I’ll try my best to explain. Geocaching is a sport where individuals use a hand-held GPS to find the coordinates to locate a hidden prize or cache. Usually a cache is a small container with a few toys, trinkets or souvenirs. In THIS case, the Van Dusen Cache also includes a signed copy of If I Built a Car. And it’s hidden somewhere on Mount Battie in my hometown of Camden, Maine. Nice, huh?

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Thanks Alison, for putting this all together. I know it’s a lot of hard work and I really appreciate it, and I hope whoever finds the Van Dusen Cache sends me note.