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Mr. Magee Rides (or Skis) Again!

Monday January 11, 2010

Today I’m shipping off the last of the artwork for my next book, Learning to Ski with Mr. Magee. The publisher is Chronicle Books and it will be released this Fall/Winter.

It’s always a good feeling to finish up a book and send it off, but a lot of people don’t realize that it takes nearly a year from the time I send in the finals to when the book is released! Most children’s picture books are printed in Asia (usually China, Singapore or Hong Kong) and to send the artwork overseas for separation, back to the U.S. for corrections and then sometimes back again to Asia for adjustments takes a great deal of time. Sometimes it’s hard to wait that long to see the final product, but it’s still exciting to receive the first proofs and then the advanced copy. That never gets old!

Here’s a preview of the new book.