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Some Terrific Drawings from ASFL

Saturday March 19, 2011

Recently, I had the opportunity to chat with Mrs. Claxton’s second graders at The Academy for Science and Foreign Language (ASFL) in Huntsville, Alabama. Apparently the students had been studying me and my books for a while. Before our visit, Mrs. Claxton sent me a packet of letters the students had written and I was amazed when I read them. They almost knew more about me than I did! The notes were filled with insightful comments and great questions. Several students were curious if there was going to be a Mrs. Magee (I didn’t quite know how to answer that one. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to marry Mr. Magee!). As a bonus, attached to each student’s letter was a drawing they had done from one of my books. They were all TERRIFIC and I really wish I had room to post each and every one, but unfortunately I don’t. Here are just a couple:

On the left is Stephanie’s homage to Dee, and on the right is Emmanuel’s version of Mr. Magee skiing.

Thanks to all of the students in Mrs. Claxton’s class at ASFL for studying my books, writing me letters and drawing wonderful pictures. I really appreciate it!