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The Exquisite Corpse Adventure

Sunday October 4, 2009

If you’re a fan of children’s literature you owe it to yourself to visit When you get there, click on The Exquisite Corpse Adventure and the Read it box until the story comes up. Then get ready for a unique adventure!

The Exquisite Corpse Adventure (ECA) is not as morbid as it sounds. It’s named after an old parlor game where one person would write a sentence on a piece of paper, fold it over and pass it on to the next person who would write another sentence and so on until the paper was unfolded and a story was revealed. In the current version of the game, the story is being written by some of today’s most talented children’s book writers. Each author will write a episode and then “pass it on” to the next author. Every episode will be illustrated by a rotating list of four children’s book illustrators. I feel very lucky to be in this group, and I was honored to illustrate Episode 1, written by the inimitable Jon Scieszka. It’s hilarious! Not to be missed!

The whole project is sponsored by The National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance (NCBLA) and The Library of Congress. Reading Rockets has created a fabulous writing contest based on the ECA and the NCBLA has in included terrific educational materials relating to the ECA on their website. I’ve added  links to these sites on the right side of this page.

I hope you get a chance to check it out and please pass the word. It’s going to be a ton of fun! Here’s my illustration for Episode 1.