Hattie & Hudson

Candlewick Press 2017

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It’s a summer day so beautiful and peaceful that Hattie, paddling in her canoe in the middle of a lake, can’t help but sing. In the deep water below, a creature is lurking. He’s huge and green, with a long, long neck, and he rarely leaves his lair. But on this day, he hears something sweet and inviting. He hears a song. What happens when the creature rises to the surface is nothing short of magical.


"Van Dusen’s sleekly painted lake is a midsummer day’s dream: saturated greens, glimmering blue water and little red boats you’re dying to take for a spin."
~ The New York Times Book Review

"The gouache illustrations are filled with details that bring light and life to the pages, from each water droplet to every rolled-up sleeve. Hudson, although enormous, is drawn with expressive eyes and a lovely green hue that reflects the stars in the sky...Outdoor enthusiasts will celebrate this brave young heroine as she schools the town on acceptance."
~ Kirkus Reviews

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