A typical school presentation lasts about 50 minutes, but the time flies by! It’s fun, fast-paced, and filled with visuals. I try to involve the kids as much as possible by asking them questions, quizzing them on techniques, or sharing funny, personal stories. We usually end up laughing and having a good time.

I was an illustrator before I started writing books, so I usually begin a presentation by explaining what it’s like to be an illustrator. I show some examples of my work and then move on to my books. We read a story before we talk about the book-making process. I use a lot of sketches and artwork to walk them through the steps it took for me to create a book. If the students are writing their own stories in class, I emphasize the importance of revising and editing to create the best work they can produce. I end with a Q & A session. I’m also happy to sign and personalize books after my presentation.

Age Range & Group Size

My presentation is appropriate for students from kindergarten to middle school, but it’s ideal for grades 2-4. I usually keep things simpler and shorter for the very young children. A typical kindergarten/grade 1 session might involve reading a few of my books, looking at some pictures and last 30 minutes, tops. For the older students (up to grade 5) I present the 50 minute session described above. My presentation is not for grades 6 and up. I will, however occasionally meet with older students who have a special interest in art or writing if requested.

Smaller groups work best for my presentation. I prefer 50 students or less per session and I can do up to five sessions in a day.


Maine school, day visit $1,800.00*
Out-of-state school, day visit $2,200.00*
Maine library, day or evening program $600.00*
Skype visit $300.00/hour

* Travel expenses extra: 58ยข per mile (round trip from Camden, Maine) plus lodging and meals if necessary.


To schedule a visit, please contact me. PLEASE NOTE: Schools are responsible for book sales. I don’t bring books with me to sell.

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