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If I Built a House · Dial Books for Young Readers 2012

If I Built a House

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What would your house look like if an imaginative eight-year-old had designed it? Probably a lot like Jack’s, complete with a Racetrack Room, Flying Room, and gigantic slide. Need something to eat? Check out the all-in-one Kitchen-O-Mat. Bath time’s a breeze with the Scrub-a-Dub-Dub, and bedtime’s a blast when you’re up in the sky.

Excerpts from Reviews

“Van Dusen utilizes interesting perspectives while fusing vintage style with contemporary elegance for a Jetson’s futuristic appeal.” –Picture Book Reviews

“Readers who possess a great imagination and a fondness for fun will love Jack’s architectural style, which comes to life through this book’s retro-inspired illustrations and tight rhymes.” –Bookshop Talk


If I Built a House


  • 2013 NEIBA Children’s Book Award presented by The New England Independent Booksellers Association

Personal Notes

This is a follow up to my third book, If I Built a Car, which a lot of kids have told me is their favorite book of mine. So the pressure was on! But since it was released, I’ve heard from several young readers that they like the HOUSE book as well, if not better, than the CAR book. Both books are all about using your imagination and it is extremely rewarding to me when I hear that parents and teachers are using these books to spark the creativity in their children.