Randy Riley's Really Big Hit

Candlewick Press 2012

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Randy Riley loves two things: science and baseball. When it comes to the solar system, the constellations, and all things robot, Randy is a genius. But on the baseball diamond? Not so much. He whiffs every time. But when an object from outer space threatens his town, Randy does the math, summons all of his science smarts, and devises a plan that saves the day in spectacular fashion.


"In this retro rhyming tribute to mind over batter, Van Dusen casts a wide net: anyone who's a fan of nerds, “Casey at the Bat”, classic science fiction, or mid-century design should find something to like in these eye-popping pages."
~ Publishers Weekly

"Told briskly in the rhyme scheme and cadence of “Casey at the Bat”, Van Dusen's tale is inventive and humorous. A cunning twist on the heroic home run that wins the game."
~ Kirkus

"The story spins into high fantasy when Randy constructs a robot to play ball with a comet, making for an entirely new kind of home run."
~ The New York Times

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