If I Built a House

Dial Books for Young Readers 2012

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What would your house look like if an imaginative eight-year-old had designed it? Probably a lot like Jack's, complete with a Racetrack Room, Flying Room, and gigantic slide. Need something to eat? Check out the all-in-one Kitchen-O-Mat. Bath time's a breeze with the Scrub-a-Dub-Dub, and bedtime's a blast when you're up in the sky.


"Van Dusen utilizes interesting perspectives while fusing vintage style with contemporary elegance for a Jetson's futuristic appeal."
~ Picture Book Reviews

"Readers who possess a great imagination and a fondness for fun will love Jack's architectural style, which comes to life through this book's retro-inspired illustrations and tight rhymes."
~ Bookshop Talk

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